Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lost more

So according to the scale today I have lost a total of 7 lb. Is that a lot? For some reason it seems absurd to have lost 7 in two days... Maybe my mind is screwy?

So never the less I will continue on my 0 cal till May plan. May should be a good month the money will start coming in, I've had to Suit Up which seems to oddly fit me, I will lose more and more weight. And if I can maintain this rate of loss maybe my goal of 120 will be closer than I thought.

Well for now keep at it all you lovely boys an girls, K out.


dayofmine said...

7 lbs? Omg I am so jealous. Go you!

ElBar7a said...

=) awesome! Keep it up! ^__^

Tati said...

7 lbs is a lot, but since you're a guy, you can lose weight faster. Just make sure you're being safe!