Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Next day

So I apparently lost 2lb yesterday, and yet I'm back into the mindset of "it's only 2 lb that's not enough it needs to be more."

Which, of course, is great as long as that is going I'll keep losing. Only problem is I cut yesterday as well. Now thankfully W is used to me sleeping with a shirt on so I can cover up any cuts to my arm, but not my leg... so I need to keep it in check... especially if he wants us to shower together as he does sometimes. How could I explain it to him? Ugh I shouldn't have cut but now it's too late.

Today will be another 0 cal day I'm actually aiming for a 0 cal week... No cals till May! I think I can do it anyone wanna team up for this?


Honor Regzig said...

Wow. I'll be cheering you on! Wow I haven't had a 0cal day since I was a kid. When I fast now I still take a protein powder because I'm terrified of losing what little muscle I do have.
Typical lesbian huh ^_^

One of Ana's Boys said...

Oh you goofy lesbians, as a fem boi gay I'm trying to lose muscles to have a more feminine appearance.

Rukijustwantstobebeautiful said...

How do you get away with not eating? I try but parents are so freakin hawk-eyed. I'm fine with not eating at school, but when I get home wh have to have dinner. What excuses can you use? I really hope it goes well for you!

Lady L said...

Hey I've got a little suggestion for you. My two pet cats have gotten me out of awkward discoveries of cuts many times. You want to cut in peace? Get a kitten.