Thursday, December 3, 2009


Today I spent the day at the movies with T and BR. I managed to get away with: 1 Diet Amp, 3 Diet Cokes, and 1 pack of cigarettes. So the day was pretty good, we spent it at our Promenade Mall, I of course in my typical fashion of white button up shirt, black pants (that are currently TOO TIGHT and I will change myself for that), black buckled vest, black trenchcoat, and black top hat. So my friends looking like normal people and then me walking around looking like a Victorian Vampire (pale skin helps). I tend to get compliments on my looks from people and I've had girls say they want my legs and whatnot, I just don't see it. I look into a mirror and what I see there is clearly different from what everyone else sees. My friends joke that I wear clothes to stop a stiff breeze from carrying me away, but I wear baggy clothes to hide my body instead. I wish I weren't so big, I just wanna be thin and perfect... and it's hard to get there but of course if it wasn't hard then it wouldn't be worth it.


Mango said...

Sounds like you're thin, honey.

Love the outfit. =) You should totally take a pic of it. It sounds AWESOME!

MyQuest(ProAna) said...

Don't listen to anyone else. Loose as much as what will make you happy. Were only on earth for a short time. Might as well look good right? Your body will know when you've gone too far. Good luck Hun:)

starve on-

PeriAdot (G+P) said...

I love the sound of your fashion sense!! For some reason Goth guys look amazingly hot *shrugs*

I have a pinstriped black trenchcoat that I haven't worn in years! You have inspired me to crank it out again and get some new miniskirts from Emni to mach <3

P.S Can I steal your top hat? PLEASE?!