Friday, December 18, 2009

temptation and cookies

There is now a house full of cookies, and I must admit O my brothers and sisters, that I, your Humble Narrator, have given in to my temptation. But not no more shall I be controlled but such devilish wants and tempting. I have been lax in my strength but have retempered myself to getting thin. No breakfast, no lunch, dinner only when I must. I iwish to viddy myself thinner and slooshy once more the slovos such as 'Wow how thin you are' and 'You barely exist'. I will get better, I will get thinner.


Mango said...

Damn the holiday season. =(

Cookies = evil. Just play with it. Makes you think of it as less of a food and more of a toy/distraction. That's what I do. =)

Good luck. <3 Hopefully we can survive this horrible month. D=

Ana's Girl said...

Ah, yes, Christmas is the season for... DAMN FOOD! But stay strong, you can resist!

KEMPER said...

Hey buddy!! :)
Christmas time is so horrible... My younger sister was saying that she didn't know what to get me, how about a box of chocolates?
Sorry babe, but food will probably be re-gifted... >.<