Wednesday, July 1, 2009

finally... a 'good' day

So I made the realization last night... well technically this morning at 2am (yay insomnia) that today (wednesday) I would be with friends... but I might be able to get away without eating the hordes of pizza, and that on thursday I would be working (lawncare, which I hate since I despise manual labor) by myself.. able to go without lunch and get back home too late for dinner, or say that I had something to eat. And it wouldn't really be a lie, I've started myself back onto the Kekwick diet, it's a kinda rough diet. Drops my energy back down to Zero, and puts my irritability way back up (thank you starvation), but with it I usually am able to drop 2-3 lb a day. I was on it today, no problems. Tomorrow I will be on it again. Friday I need to find out if my friend works with me or not, if he doesn't I'll be able to do it for that third day. Then I just need to keep my cal low on saturday (I'll prolly end up eating so I'll aim for salads the whole time, unless I'm at home then I'll just go for real small servings). Maybe this will be the first step to me getting my weight down again... I just keep thinking about getting my weight down... getting thin, and how wonderful it'll be when I make it down to a good weight. First down to 120, then 110... I hope to get below 100, that's my dream...


heather[hunger] said...

whats the Kekwick diet??
i like your blog :)
stay strong, you can lose it <3

Mango said...

Hey! =) Woo, back to following your blog. You better keep updating it, elf-boy. I want to know how you're doing. =)

And get on IM more? =)

Love ya!

Mango said...

Hey, I just got a new blog.
Check it out if you get bored. It's muy random. XD And stupid. But hey, whatevs. =)

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