Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A goal

Well turns out I now have a goal, sort of. It's always best if I have a goal, and the current goal is lose as much weight by the 22nd. One of my favorite musicians is playing for the first time nearby and me and a bunch of friends are gonna go see him, so I need to lose as much weight as possible.

Today was ok as far as food and diet go. I was gonna do a complete 0 cal day, but J decided to make us some dinner, Veal Parm. Being the vegetarian that I am I had no veal, and only a bite of the mashed potatoes and a few baby carrots. All in all I had under 100 cal, which though it's not 0 cal, it's at least a good restriction.

I feel that unless more food surprises pop up I'll be able to go the full way toward my goal for the 22nd. I also download a couple pro-ana songs, my favorites being Paper Bag, Big Isn't Beautiful, She's Falling Apart, Anorexic Beauty, and 4st 7lb. I've been listening to them a lot lately, and whenever the temptation of food comes up I start thinking of the lyrics of them, so far it's helped.


Anonymous said...

Big Isn't Beautiful? Nice. =) I have that song on my phone.

Who's your favorite musician?

One of Ana's Boys said...

Damon albarn, tho he hasn't really done any pro-Ana stuff. He's the singer for Gorillaz (2D). But they aren't who I'm going to see.

Anonymous said...

Beauty From Pain by Superchick... It's really pretty. =)