Thursday, February 26, 2009

Odd Signs

So did anyone realize that this was apparently Eating Disorder Awareness Week? I didn't even know such a thing existed till I got to the college yesterday and saw a sign outside of the Health Station talking about eating disorders and stuff. For people without an ED I guess they wouldn't feel too much about it, unless they know someone with an ED. But for me (and maybe I'm just weird) but it kinda helped set my mind on losing more weight.

It totally helped yesterday be a mostly successful restriction, though it was a fast for most of the day until I got to my friends house around 4ish and had a doughnut (or more technically a Fastnacht). So all in all it wasn't too bad. Today I will continue on a restriction, though I get the feeling I will be stuck with my parents for a while today and knowing them they will want me to eat lunch so I'll just have to find a way around that.

At least I'm starting to get my weight down again, it's slow but every little bit counts.


RayRay said...

Ya I didn't know it exsisted either, woohoo. I celebrated by fasting on Monday. Good job yesterday, sounds pretty successful.

One of Ana's Boys said...

I'm definately doing better than I was. I'm starting to actually feel like I'm getting back on track.