Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lazy but good day

Today managed to be good for me. Yesterday I was unable to get out of going to the buffet but was thankfully able to go with mostly healthy (relative) food and get through about 1 plate in the hour We were there. And with that I maintained my current 148lb.

Today was much better. Tea, diet soda, and half a bowl of soup. So around 200 calories there. Otherwise things have been kinda hectic all over.

Found out from getting denied one of my appointments with a company I'll be working with that I needed to quick spend 300$ which I just barely had to get part of my credit cleared up. It sucks that I'm down the money for right now but really in the long run I know that it will really pay off.

Not just with my current job, but as I do plan to eventually rent a house I'll need better credit for W and I to get a nice place. I'm still waiting on my beloved Z to finish getting repaired, it's so annoying. Nothing really wrong with it just need it put back together and new tires. And the waiting is killing me.

Laters, K


Din Mamma said...

I hope your money problems sort themselves out soon. It's tough knowing that it WILL get better when you don't have any :p

One of Ana's Boys said...

yeah it is :/
but at least I'm getting thinner, I'd rather be poor and thin than rich and fat.

Din Mamma said...

I agree. What's the point of being rich if you can't enjoy it? Besides, you save a lot on food ;)