Monday, March 18, 2013

Good day

Today I was good. Today I was strong. Tomorrow I will be good. Tomorrow I will be strong.

A good motto? I like to think so. Today was a fairly short work day, which is good. As I don't have my car working right now I need to ride with someone to get tot he office and appointments. So thankfully I was able to say no to lunch, I'll eat when I get home. Get home, Oh I had some lunch on the way home.

Dinner I couldn't avoid, but I was able to go light. W wanted chicken nuggets, that's fine. I made 30, 25 for him, and 5 for me. Plain, no sauce. 230 calories. I drank 2 energy drinks though. at 130 cal per can.

So let's see then:

5 chicken nuggets: 230 calories per serving (5 nuggets) = 230 calories
2 Amps : 130 per can = 260 calories
Black Coffee: 0 calories = 0 calories
Total: 490 calories

And that is a good day.

It's odd to me that it's like a switch. One day I'll be eating, hating it, punishing myself for it. The next day I go without, No thanks, I'm not hungry. The body screams for food, I deny it. It'll learn once again. As it always does. I will drag my body, kicking and screaming, to thin again.

Laters, K

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julia ( said...

It's hard to find low calorie meals. All the low calorie stuff usually is veggies and fruit but i can't eat that everyday because those around me will know what i'm up to.