Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Got rid of fading obsession

The webring was making it hard to see this site so I disabled it. Also picked up wasted the other day. I've never read it before but always wanted to so now I finally get the chance.

Today was a good day, I'm down to 148 and all I had was chicken noodle soup which was a total of 200 Cal for the day. I'm finally making progress but was quite tempted by the pizza my boyfriend was eating next to me while we watched lost.

I'm starting to get a little wobbly when I stand up and my mind has it's moments of fogginess. Great signs, signs that I'm doing well losing weight, getting one step closer.

Laters, K


Peridot (G+P) said...

FO has been gone for years, and Blue Dragonfly went down last month. All my favourite sites going away :(

Wasted is good, so is Unbearable Lightness and Perfect. Starving for Attention is ok, but really old on it.

Nia said...

Yea, the Fasing Obsession thing was a right pain when trying to read your posts, so yay!

I own Wasted, it took 2 reads before I began to like it, and now it's probably my favourite autobiography.

Yay for light-headedness because you're happy, but try and stay safe...

Xercyz said...

I have a hard time being around people eating food I want so I know the feeling. Keep strong and drink water!

NeverThawing21 said...

I own Wasted, and many others but my favorite has always been Wintergirls. I read it a thousand times and never have I gotten bored. I used to be a loyal member to so many forums. Now there aren't any! :-( I found this one while looking for FO. Feeling Lightheaded stinks, and was always really embarrassing for me! especially at work, people become nosey. Just don't stand up so fast, and start taking a multivitamin with iron.