Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Forgive me

Forgive me ana for i have eaten way too much of late. Its hard to fast and restrict with a roomate who knows my past and work with another friend who knows as well. But at least im sick now, my body is burning more cal trying to keep me healthy. Tomorrow i shall fast, and thursday i will restrict as my roomate is cooking. At least my weight isnt going up


PrettyWreck said...

It's hard when people know and keep tabs on you for it. You'll find a way around it.
and at least you're not gaining. This is a very good thing.

Stay strong ♥
As one person said on my blog--
because "think thin" gets overused

Good luck!

Ophelia said...

Hope things are going ok, I know it's so stressful being around people who are constantly watching everything you eat but keep your faith and remember there are many who support you! xx